Heads up!

For years have I held back from telling these stories, but now I am taking the gloves off and swinging, in hopes that some of it connects with you. Join me for ‘Happy Hour,’ where you’ll never what you will find.

I have battled and learned a lifetime of lessons and now I am serving up these recipes for you.

At times, what I put out may be funny, interesting, irritating, inspiring and even shocking. You may even come away with, “Wow, that was ___________.”  The bottom line and my goal is to get your mind to spin; to find some value and use it for yourself or pass it on to someone else.

I am going to help you get over the wall so you don’t have to slam into it face first – falling  back on your ass in pain – and saying, “I wish someone would have told me.”

If the stories, tips, recipes for life, successes and failures inspire and motivate one person, then I have served up the right recipe and made a difference.

There are ‘two sides of AJ’ and I can play both parts well. At times I am clean, pristine and proper and other times I am rude, crude and uncultured. Whatever it takes to get the job done, that’s what I do.

Join me for ‘Happy Hour.’


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Two Faces?

We all have two faces

Admit it. You are two-faced. We all are. But two--faced is not necessarily bad. We all have more than one side - one level - one dimension. Maybe it's time to explore all your sides?