SmallBizLady Talks About…SmallBiz

SmallBizLady, Melinda Emerson, interview

Melinda Emerson is the ultimate example of branding success.

You might not be familiar with her name, but if you are a small business and active on Twitter, you most likely have heard of the “SmallBizLady” and her corresponding Twitter #smallbizchat.

In our interview (below), Emerson talks about what ignited her passion for helping small businesses grow, offers insight into building relationships , and shares the best accidental branding mistake she ever made. 

Brian Tracy’s Secrets to Success and Earning What You’re Really Worth

Brian Tracy, Earn what you're really worth

Brian Tracy truly is a man of world experience. He has worked as a consultant, trainer and advisor for more than 1,000 corporations, written over 45 books, and produced and written more than 300 audio and video learning programs, translated into 20 languages. Tracy has had successful careers in sales, marketing, investments, and real estate. He has assisted and guided people with personal and professional development, and has worked with individuals as well as executives from all walks of life spanning the globe for over 30 years.

Tracy was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to us about what is important in building a successful business. He also gave insight into how his latest book “How To Earn What You Are Really Worth” came to be, and shared some personal thoughts (interview follows below).

Growing a 5-Star Business

Chef William Bradley

Chef William Bradley is surprisingly unassuming.

As he sits down in the richly decorated and dimly lit bar of The Addison restaurant in Del Mar, California, Bradley is completely relaxed and comfortable.

One might assume that the driving force behind Southern California’s only 5-Diamond / 5-Star restaurant would be stuffy, temperamental, or even arrogant.

Bradley is none of those.

He is easy to communicate with, quick to laugh and very appreciative of his staff. He is also young, driven…and superbly business-minded.

How to Keep Guests and Customers Coming Back

AJ Ogaard and Pat Rizco - Paradise Point Hotel Resort

Like many other businesses in today’s tight economy, the hospitality industry is feeling the pinch. Because of the tourism downturn, hotels and restaurants are forced to become more creative in their quest to attract guests.

The Paradise Point Resort & Spa on Mission Bay in San Diego is no different. An island unto itself, the 44-acre resort has seen a lot of change since it was originally dreamed up by a Hollywood producer.

Pat Rizco, manager of the resort, has been in the hospitality business for 25 years. He recently sat down with me for an interview, and now shares with you how his hotel stays competitive, attracting customers, the hotel’s rich history, and creating a “no-brand” brand.

Watch the video below.

Read an extended transcript from the interview beneath the video.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Publish your book

We all have dreams.

Dreams such as a better life, becoming a _________ (insert: singer, danger, writer, artist, songwriter), losing weight or being successful.

Thinking about our dreams gives us reason to get out of bed in the morning. ‘Maybe today is the day my dreams will come true,’ we tell ourselves as we hit the snooze button for the 3rd time.  ‘Maybe I will wake up and things will just be different.’

But the simple five-letter word, D-R-E-A-M, is often over-shadowed by its four-letter nemesis, F-E-A-R. Fear keeps our dreams at bay, making sure that today, in fact, is not the day things will be different.

How do you break out of the fear zone and make your dreams come true?