Going The Extra Mile

Good customer service

At that moment everything seemed to slow down even though the car was still moving. Flashes within my mind of things I can’t recall now overwhelmed me just before impact. I was dazed and confused as I opened the door to escape. I had just been in a car accident.

As anyone who has been involved in such an experience can tell you, many things take place all at once: your mind races, your body is in shock, your heart is pounding and it feels like a bad dream where you can’t wait to wake up. This was not a bad dream – it was real.

After the crash I looked at my car and realized I was very fortunate to have walked away. Later that night when I returned home I posted the following on my Facebook profile:

Today I was on my way to see my son perform at his school function. I was involved in car accident. My car is not coming back but I am still here. Even though I missed my son’s event I will at least be around to see others. I am grateful…

I Am Sorry But 'You're So Disconnected'

Disconnecting from Customers

Something was wrong.

I felt like I had become disconnected from a part of the world. I had kept up with my texts to people, and I had noticed no response from anyone. All types of thoughts began racing through my mind. Maybe I had somehow made people angry, or maybe they were just too busy to respond to me. I wondered if those people closer to me were alright. Did something happen to them?

First I had questions – then concerns.

Little did I realize these thoughts were happening on the other end, too. Those that I had sent a text to would respond and then they would get no response from me. Needless to say, both sides had questions and concerns that led to emotions going on high alert. Was someone upset, angry, busy or hurt?

To some it wouldn’t seem like a big issue, right? Yet, as this situation unfolded I started to see this has affected more than just me and the people I stay in touch with. I found out that my cell provider, Virgin Mobile USA, is having issues. From learning that, at least, I now knew it wasn’t that people just didn’t want to stay in touch and I let everyone I know that my lack of response was not personal and explained the problem. In fact, I was confident that this would pass rather quickly.