Are You Using These Social Media Tools Right?

Using social media

What social media is:

Social media is a tool. It is a way to communicate and stay connected to people and businesses. What are the differences between old media and new media? Old media, such as television, newspaper advertising and radio are all one-directional.

New media, or social media, gives everyone the opportunity to get involved by giving feedback. With social media, we all have the ability to interact with what we see, hear and read. We have a voice and we can express our thoughts on a particular product or service. Our opinions actually have the chance to be heard if we choose to participate.

Visual Storytelling: The Power of Pinterest


I posted a motivational photo on my Facebook business page and received not a single “like” or “share.” I pinned the same image to my brand new Pinterest board and garnered 39 repins in four minutes. Pictures sing and soar on this new visual social media platform like nothing we’ve ever seen.

“Power scrapbooking” is the perfect term to describe Pinterest. The bright new star of social media has in its short lifespan already won the number 3 spot (in terms of traffic) in the social media network wars.

Are You Invisible?

invisible man

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. ~ Tony Robbins 

A couple of years ago, I didn’t exist—at least on the web.

I had no presence anywhere except on LinkedIn, where it was minimal at best. I almost lost a chance to be involved in a professional project because of my invisibility.

The organization I was about to work with did a quick check on me and found I did not have much more than a basic profile which generically said I was in sales. When the decision-makers saw this they most likely thought that I was not qualified or was going to try to sell them. I learned very quickly that having a presence online is extremely important in building trust and credibility.

About Face: Turning Away from Facebook

about face

In the beginning of my business social media relationship I favored Twitter. 

I was able to meet exciting new people, connect with like-minded business owners and interact with other fitness pros. I even spoke with a fellow Twitter user on the telephone for nearly two hours, shooting the breeze about writing and using WordPress (yes, you @writer_sheri).

Then…I don’t know what happened. Twitter became my wife and Facebook appeared on the scene as my hip, new mistress. Why I chose Facebook over Twitter I’ll never really understand. Maybe it was the prettier interface. Perhaps it was the longer status updates and lengthier replies. Possibly it was the ability to easily post and view photographs. Whatever it was that Facebook had over Twitter, it won my heart and I almost abandoned the 140 character platform I had so once loved.

Share Your Voice – Everyone Has a Channel (Video)

Do you have something to say? Share it on your channel. 
(Video or transcript)

I remember the days when I used to go ahead and install cable television.
This is your channel, and your channel means that . . . the reason I’m
going to jump really quick into social media is that there are a lot of
people out there right now that don’t realize that you have that voice, you
have that power. This is your channel. It’s not on cable. It’s not on FiOS
or whatever the case is. What it is, it’s on social media, whether it’s
Facebook, whether it’s Twitter, Google+, everything else out there. This
last year for me has been a learning experience. Not only have I broken
ground on my foundation, but I’ve watched a lot of people personally,
professionally, struggle with a question mark, afraid to jump in, not quite
sure what to do.

Remember something, this is your channel. You can talk about whatever you
want. I would say that in some aspects you need to possibly be careful. We
will talk about that another time. But in the meantime, I would say the
channel that you create is the channel that speaks from your passion. Your
persistence and consistency is going to go ahead and take you to the next

Best Marketing Tips for Small Businesses 2011

Small Business Marketing Tips

Marketing is an essential part of any business. For many, the concept of marketing is easy to grasp while for others it can be somewhat overwhelming. Many questions arise, like, “Which marketing strategy is the best? What are others doing. What works for them, and should I follow the same program?

In this article (and free expanded e-book – Tools for Marketing – there were too many good tips to compress them) we are going to try to answer some of these questions and explore different ideas from a variety of businesses, sharing their stories and tips. What marketing worked in the past? What needs to be changed to move forward? The goal is to share the information gathered from these small and medium-sized businesses to help you find the right tools and direction to build a marketing program that fits with your business needs.


We are not going to look at or compare our businesses to the big guys like Nike, Sony, Microsoft, or Starbucks.  These large corporations have spent millions, if not billions, of dollars and have invested decades to make sure their images, brands and messages are household names. Unless your business has a surplus of money and time to build that kind of a program, it is wiser to look at what tools are available to you in order to make the most impact in today’s world.

This is about assisting small to mid-size businesses with limited time and often limited budgets.

Social Media Falling Down

Social Media Twitter Facebook MySpace LinkedIn

If you make sure you’re connected, the writing’s on the wall. But if your mind’s neglected, stumble you might fall.” ~Stereo MCs

A few days ago Chris Brogan asked on his blog, “Is a social media crash coming?” My answer? Yes – to a point.

Social media is incredibly useful. It lets you re-connect with friends, meet other business professionals and learn many things. I have been introduced to some wonderful connections through Twitter, for example, and learned things quicker from others than I could on my own.

The new media is built around the basic concept of connecting. As our society becomes more and more disconnected, we find ourselves running to the internet to restore that feeling of belonging and closeness. One big, happy, international family.

As we make our way through this relatively unknown land in search of community, though, we are slowly beginning to wonder: “Is this really what we came for? Is this all there is?”