What Are Your Customers and Employees Missing?


Use these power words often to make a big difference in your business.

The holidays are fast approaching and people are starting to think about gift-giving. Are you already thinking about what to get for the people in your life?

Before you start shopping, take a moment to remember that there are many ways to show that you care. Your gift doesn’t always have to be something tangible. In fact, it can be as simple as just taking the time to show recognition to someone—letting them know how much they mean to you or your business.  That’s where the two powerful words come in: ‘Thank’ and ‘you.’

There is Treasure Inside this Toolbox!

small business tools book

Do you ever feel a bit overwhelmed with all that it takes to run a business today?

Finding the right tools to build a successful business can be challenging. In this article you will find a wealth of information from like-minded small businesses who share thoughts and ideas on what it takes to be successful.

In addition, supplemental articles feature two well-known business leaders, Brian Tracy and Melinda Emerson, who share their wisdom and experience on building and maintaining a successful business. They weigh in on what is absolutely crucial not only continue to do business today, but what steps you need to take to ensure your business succeeds in the future. (Download all articles in the “Tools for Business” series compiled into a FREE ebook here.)

Let’s open the toolbox and take a look inside. Are you ready?

Your Signature Move – It's Everything You Do (Video)

How to rise to the top by adding your personal touch.
(Video or transcript)

[youtube id=”QuvEKr0kc2M” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Are you an independent contractor? It sounds like a commercial. It’s not. I’m going to call this a “signature move”. Everything that you do, whether you are an employee, whether you’re a manager, whether you own the company, you are at the top, middle, or the bottom, the point, of this segment, is to remind people to look at themselves and invest in themselves as an independent contractor.

That means that, let’s for instance, why the bar scene? Bar scene is
partly because when I was a bartender, I didn’t look at myself as an
employee. I looked at myself as an independent contractor. What I did was I
made sure that I worked for myself. I put my signature on everything. I got
people excited to come in and see me. I gave back. I went above and beyond
because the more that you do, the more that you give, the more people
actually are attracted. They want to come back and see you.

When Does Silence Speak Louder Than Words?

Everything we do sends a message. But what happens when silence speaks louder than words?

All relationships, whether personal or professional, depend on a clear and open form of communication. Even while driving a car we use turn signals to communicate that we are making a change. When people do not communicate clearly it sends messages that can be confusing.

In personal life it can have a very negative effect which can lead to frustration, anger, resentment or a feeling of being disconnected.

Within business this can lead to internal issues just like in our personal lives. We need interaction, direction and feedback. But there are people who don’t take the time to talk, leaving others feeling empty or frustrated, leading to morale and productivity issues.

People: Your Best Investment

The most important tool any business can invest in? Its people.

It starts with you, the individual, and moves on to everyone you come in contact with. When you connect with others they connect with you. Studies have shown that people work harder and want to be useful when they are part of something that’s alive and growing.

You can feel it when you walk in to a business where the energy is high. It’s very noticeable and you wonder, “Wow, what is going on here?” You want to be there to catch the energy and so you will return.

On the flip side, sometimes you encounter a business where it feels like you just walked into a vault where the air is running out. You want to run – get out while you can! You feel the negativity, and you do not return.

Why the difference?