Don't let me steal your girlfriend

I'll Take Your Girlfriend

Heads Up! Not taking the time to show you care will cost you more than you know.  This ‘Shake It Up’ piece is a humorous reminder of what could happen. [vimeo id=”57502208″ width=”600″ height=”350″] Take care of those you care about and take the time to be there. If not, someone will pick up the…

Your Signature Move – It's Everything You Do (Video)

How to rise to the top by adding your personal touch.
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Are you an independent contractor? It sounds like a commercial. It’s not. I’m going to call this a “signature move”. Everything that you do, whether you are an employee, whether you’re a manager, whether you own the company, you are at the top, middle, or the bottom, the point, of this segment, is to remind people to look at themselves and invest in themselves as an independent contractor.

That means that, let’s for instance, why the bar scene? Bar scene is
partly because when I was a bartender, I didn’t look at myself as an
employee. I looked at myself as an independent contractor. What I did was I
made sure that I worked for myself. I put my signature on everything. I got
people excited to come in and see me. I gave back. I went above and beyond
because the more that you do, the more that you give, the more people
actually are attracted. They want to come back and see you.

Mix It Up – Be Creative with Your Life (Video)

Same old thing? I don’t think so… how to sauce things up in your life.
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I don’t know about you, but I get bored pretty easy. I’m sure in your
personal life as well as your professional life things can get monotonous.

We have a plain cheese pizza here, and I am sure a lot of people out there
eat plain cheese pizza and they think it’s going to be different tomorrow
night or next week. Instead of just going with the basics, why not try to
go ahead and sauce it up a little bit?

Share Your Voice – Everyone Has a Channel (Video)

Do you have something to say? Share it on your channel. 
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I remember the days when I used to go ahead and install cable television.
This is your channel, and your channel means that . . . the reason I’m
going to jump really quick into social media is that there are a lot of
people out there right now that don’t realize that you have that voice, you
have that power. This is your channel. It’s not on cable. It’s not on FiOS
or whatever the case is. What it is, it’s on social media, whether it’s
Facebook, whether it’s Twitter, Google+, everything else out there. This
last year for me has been a learning experience. Not only have I broken
ground on my foundation, but I’ve watched a lot of people personally,
professionally, struggle with a question mark, afraid to jump in, not quite
sure what to do.

Remember something, this is your channel. You can talk about whatever you
want. I would say that in some aspects you need to possibly be careful. We
will talk about that another time. But in the meantime, I would say the
channel that you create is the channel that speaks from your passion. Your
persistence and consistency is going to go ahead and take you to the next

How to Keep Guests and Customers Coming Back

AJ Ogaard and Pat Rizco - Paradise Point Hotel Resort

Like many other businesses in today’s tight economy, the hospitality industry is feeling the pinch. Because of the tourism downturn, hotels and restaurants are forced to become more creative in their quest to attract guests.

The Paradise Point Resort & Spa on Mission Bay in San Diego is no different. An island unto itself, the 44-acre resort has seen a lot of change since it was originally dreamed up by a Hollywood producer.

Pat Rizco, manager of the resort, has been in the hospitality business for 25 years. He recently sat down with me for an interview, and now shares with you how his hotel stays competitive, attracting customers, the hotel’s rich history, and creating a “no-brand” brand.

Watch the video below.

Read an extended transcript from the interview beneath the video.